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download Fresco Paint Pro download Fresco Paint Pro download Fresco Paint Pro

Download Fresco Paint Pro gratis untuk android, Unduh Fresco Paint Pro

Download Fresco Paint Pro adalah aplikasi gratis untuk ponsel yang menggunakan sistem operasi Android banyak digunakan. Unduh Gratis. pembaruan versi terbaru untuk smartphone menggunakan sistem operasi Android yang, Download Fresco Paint Pro APK Penuh Free untuk Telepon.

Pengantar Download Fresco Paint Pro, Aplikasi Gratis Untuk Android :

Fresco is an easy to use painting app that features filters, layers and more! Designed for novices and experienced artists, Fresco has everything you need to create digital artwork on your phone or tablet.

“Fresco Pro brings a real drawing experience to Android with a ton of brushes, filters, and support for layers…” – review (

Featured on “Best New Android Apps” list at (

Fresco Pro has the following exclusive features compared to Fresco Lite:
– ad free (versus ad supported).
– 4 layers, 21 filters and 12 brushes (versus 2 layers, 2 filters and 3 brushes).
– export your images to Adobe® Photoshop® format (.PSD) with layers intact.
– brush spacing setting.

★ Feature List ★

– Duplicate, merge, hide/show, reorder, scale, rotate, reposition and mirror layers.
– Alter layer opacity.

– Create interesting effects with filters like blur, sharpen, emboss, grain/noise, scatter, pixelate and vignette.
– Adjust image colors with filters like brightness, saturation, exposure, colorize, threshold and posterize.

– Brush and eraser tools with configurable texture, size and opacity.
– Color palette, HSV color picker and eye dropper tools.
– Fast, responsive and easy to use.
– Multi-touch zooming and panning.
– Reverse mistakes with the robust undo system.

– Export to Adobe® Photoshop® format (.PSD) with layers intact.
– Import and position photos on the canvas.
– Autosave functionality that keeps your work safe.
– Share images with other apps to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more.

Share your Fresco creations with other users:

Requires multi-touch for zooming and panning.

Email [email protected] with any problems. It’s very difficult to fix issues without knowing the details. Thanks!

Permissions required:
– SD Card: Used to save images to your SD card
– Internet and Access Network State: Used to display ads in the Lite version and to send optional crash reports (Android has built-in crash reporting but it’s not available on earlier versions).

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Rick Chandler ( for the use of his digital paintings (which were created using Fresco) seen in the screenshots on this page.

Download Fresco Paint Pro APK di Android, Instal Fresco Paint Pro APK ponsel android gratis. Download Fresco Paint Pro Format APK membuat instalasi sederhana dan setiap orang dapat menggunakannya. Menggunakan smartphone Android Anda menjadi setiap hari lebih menyenangkan dengan aplikasi untuk android disediakan oleh toko aplikasi Jauhkan sering diakses untuk men-download aplikasi lebih secara gratis lagi untuk ponsel Anda. Semua aplikasi yang gratis, mudah untuk menginstal dan menggunakan.

Fitur dari Fresco Paint Pro 1.0.4

- Versi: 1.0.4
- Perlu Android versi: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, Qmobile, Lenovo, Asus, Asa, Galaxy, ADVAN Vandroid, EVERCOSS, GFIVE ADVAN S4E, RIM Z3, MITO MITO, Acer Z120, Hisense Samsung, alps S5E Pro, MIKI T1-E, OPPO, asus, alps, Xiaomi, Spreadtrum, Acer, Axioo - PICOphone, Nokia, vivo, Sony...

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